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El Rostro De Analia

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El Rostro de Analía (Analia's Face) is a Spanish-language telenovela produced by the American-based television network Telemundo. It stars Elizabeth Gutierrez, Martin Karpan, Maritza Rodriguez and the special appearance of Gaby Espino. Written by Venezuelan writer Humberto "Kiko" Olivieri, the story is loosely based on María, María which starred Alba Roversi and Mexican soap star Arturo Peniche in Venezuela, and was also written by Olivieri. The novela is directed by David Posada and Danny Gaviria; with Jairo Arcila as General Producer and Aurelio Valcarcel Carrol as Executive Producer.

Although the novela was set in Los Angeles, Telemundo filmed the serial in Miami, Fl. Through [sometimes not so] careful editing it was made to appear as Los Angeles. The network debuted it on October 20, 2008 at the 9 pm (8 pm central) timeslot. Telemundo added English subtitles as closed captions on CC3 starting in March. The telenovela has been one of Telemundo’s most successful due to its distinct plot (which goes far beyond the average love story) and its incorporation of science fiction, something not typical in a Spanish soap opera. It is likely that the novela will be released on DVD, as that seemed to be the case for Telemundo's most recent shows, with the exception of Pecados Ajenos.

RTV Pink started to air this telenovela on January 5, 2009 in Serbia. TVN started to air the telenovela on January 19, 2009 at the 8 pm timeslot. It debuted with the highest rating of a 2009 show in Panama. BTV started to air this telenovela on February 2, 2009 in Bulgaria. On February 25, 2009 it also debuted at 8pm on Canal 7 in Guatemala. From 31 August 2009, TV Puls plans to issue El Rostro de Analia on their TV channel in Poland at 15:30. In Albania, Top Channel airs the telenovela from Monday to Friday at 18:30. The show is airing on TV Doma in Slovakia from January 4, 2010 from Monday to Thursday at 20.50 as Pravá tvár vášne (The true face of passion), in Romania from April 12, 2010 from Monday to Thursday at 21.30 as Cealalta fata a Analiei (The other face of Analia);from August 9 will be aired from Monday to Friday at 21.30. From 17 February 2010 RTL Croatia airs this telenovela from Monday to Friday at 14:00 as Drugo lice (Other face).

It was Telemundo's most successful production in 2009, being the third most viewed serial worldwide that year.

It has been hugely successful being sold to more than 40 countries aroud the world including United States,Turkey Georgia, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Hungary, Albania, Panama, Guatemala, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexic, Peru, Paraguay,Armenia,Venezuela and Moldavia.

Elizabeth Gutierrez plays both Mariana and Analia, being the main protagonist. The male lead is portrayed by Martin Karpan, while the main antagonists include Maritza Rodriguez, Gabriel Porras and Zully Montero. Other major characters are brought to life by Karla Monroig, Daniel Lugo, Ximena Duque, Pedro Moreno and Alejandro Chaban.

It was the best production of Telemundo in 2009 and the fourth most broadcasted of all times

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